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A short getaway to Antipolo Star Resort


Antipolo Star Resort would be my recommendation to you if you want to escape from the heat and noise of the Manila but you have only limited time, it would be a fabulous spot for a short getaway to unwind and relax. It is in Antipolo’ east end, located at 25km away from Manila.  It is really convenient and doesn’t need you to burn off your pocket for a budget to escape because it is just an hour away from buzz of the city! We were looking for someplace to chill and relax during weekend when we made the business trip to Manila. We got a good picture of the resort from its official website and it didn’t disappoint us when we checked it out.

Getting to Antipolo Star Resort

Antipolo is accessible by jeepney or FX taxi. It is very easy to get in there by commuting on Jeepney from terminals in Metro Manila. To feel more like a local, we got in there just by jeepney. To go by car or by taxi will just take about an hour following on the navigation.

Unwind and Relax

They have the first saltwater swimming pool in a resort in Philippines. What so special about it?  Yeah, no more sore eyes or skin allergies after swimming. According to the staff, the salts are imported from Australia and it makes the pool like a healthy spa which can help to soften skin and hairs. There are three pools in the resort. One adult with 4 to 5 ft, and another two kid pools with 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 ft. There are three large waterfalls and five big mushroom shades with fountains on top. Chilled by the poolside and surrounded by the overlooking views which I loved the most.
The resort is the 3000 square meters of manicured lawn. I lay down on the lawn and enjoyed the overlooking view of Sierra Madre range of mountains and the endless vista of views over the rice fields of Teresa. It was splendid and breathtaking! The cooling breeze was so refreshing and comfy. You can just take Instagram-worthy photos easily.
They have different size of Kubo, Pavilion and Gazebo which would be perfect to accommodate a lot of people from 10 pax to 75 pax. It is suggested for group activities like company teambuilding or friends and family gathering. There is a “Sawali Stage” which you rock and sing like a star. I think it would be best if you come in a group with family or friends to spend the day at its finest.

Other things to remember

·      The resort is closed for maintenance and cleaning from 6am to 8am and from 6pm to 8pm. Guests are requested to take note of this and check out either by 6am (night guest) or 6pm (day guest).

·      The routine maintenance on swimming pools is conducted from 4am to 8am and from 5pm to 8pm. They are strict about the swimming attire. No cotton garments or any kind of street clothes.
Amenities :
  • Pavillion
  • Pool side Pavillion
  • Veranda Pavillion
  • Gazebo
  • Kubo
  • Swimming Pool
  • Room
  • Videoke,
  • swimming pool
  • convenience store
Star Resort Rates Antipolo

Day Swimming (8a.m. to 6p.m.)
Php 200 / person
Php 220 / person
Night Swimming (8p.m. to 6a.m.)
Php 160 / person
Php 160 / person
Kubo (fits 10 - 30pax)
Day rate: Php 1300 – Php2600
Night rate: Php 1500 – Php 3400
Pavilion (fits 30 – 40 pax)
Day rate: Php 3400 – Php4000
Night rate: Php 4000 – Php 4800
VIP Gazebo (fits 35pax)
Day rate: Php4000
Night rate: Php 4800
Kamalig House (fits 75pax)
Day rate: Php6000
Night rate: Php 7500
Contact Information:

Garcia St., Payong, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo 1870.
0999-514-0887 / 0922-739-9507 / 0927-339-0402

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