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Cebu Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

A fantastic resort with almost everything at your convenience in one place, Cebu City’s Plantation Bay Resort proves to be one of, if not the, best holiday lodges in Philippines. With breathtaking landscapes and striking lagoons, entertaining activities, hospitality service of the premium quality, and delicious food, you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy the most unique experience for rejuvenating and traveling.


Plantation Bay Resort & Spa offers 255 of the finest rooms you can get within Philippine’s price range, ranging from $160++ for a Poolside room, to $1000++ for a Quantum villa. This resort is almost like a gigantic swimming pool with rooms dispersed all over the place. These guestrooms, once entered, will make you feel right at home with their classic and timeless design of colonial-plantation architecture, furnished with custom-designed plantation-themed furniture pieces with 5-star amenities. I feel as if I could just stay there forever and be having the time of my life. Staying in the resort’s guestrooms with their panoramic views of the stunning beaches and lagoons, you will feel like hacadenro – plantation owner.I sure did. It doesn’t hurt that their hospitality are of the highest quality, making me feel as if I am a part of the royal family and they are just there, ready to cater to my needs with friendliness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Plantation Bay Resort Rates

  • Water’s Edge Room - $220++
  • Lagoon Side Room - $200++
  • Lagoon View Room - $190++
  • Poolside Room - $160++
  • Spa Indulgence Room & Package - $190++
  • Family Room - $200++
  • One Bedroom Suite - $260++
  • Two Bedroom Suite - $380++
  • Quantum Villa - $1000++
  • Riverboat Suite - $450++



There are so many activities you can participate in at Plantation Bay that you will be wishing that you can stay long enough to experience all of them. There’s the PADI qualified 5-star dive center, where you can explore colorful reefs, drift dive along with steep walls, discover exciting caves and wrecks, and visit virgin nautical sanctuaries teeming with aquatic life forms. Plantation Bay offers affordable packages for you to experience the best of diving experiences without missing anything. If you feel like telling everyone you know that you swam with sharks, by all means, sign up for the whale shark adventure and swim with the non-lethal and gentle creatures. I’m pretty sure that my status just upped a few steps when I told my story to my social circle. Besides that, you can also enjoy some fun in the sun by getting on the aqua rides, go to the pools and slides, or even go wall-climbing and practice archery. At times when you don’t feel like going outdoors, you are most welcome in the game room for some billiards, air-hockey, foosball, and computer games. This alone could make you feel like you’re having the thrill of your life and there can’t be anything better than that.

You can even go for the Daytripper Adventure Package, which is P2,000 per person on weekdays and P2,500  per person on weekends and holidays. If you come in groups of 20 or more, you can make a reservation at P1,800  per person. For children between 0 and 12, because they’re half of what we are, the price will also come with a 50% discount.

mogamboslide.jpgIt is justifiable to for Plantation Bay to triumph in the foods they offer. There’s just something about all five of their restaurants’ kitchens that just manage to consistently keep up with the exquisite taste and superb presentation of their dishes at reasonable prices. They have menus and venues for almost every genre of food that you desire, from haute cuisine to theme-party buffets, from fried bananas to foie gras. It almost makes you want to give up on your diet plan and just dive into everything they have to offer, and go home proudly with a satisfied belly.

To top it all off, it is unlikely that you will be able to experience and see a view with such extraordinariness that is comparable to what you will see at Plantation Bay. Decorated with classic structural item pieces, stepping into the lobby almost feels like you’re undergoing a sacred process. Every nook and cranny, every bends and curves, they are all an adventure, a new mystery to discover, a new sight to capture with a physical camera and your mental photographer. You will never feel more aligned with nature than when you’re taking a stroll under the shades of the greens and the chirps of wildlife humming in your ears. Take a trip to the top of the hill at night and you might even have the urge to propose to yourself because it is just that romantic.


Unlike other Philippines resorts and hotels, Plantation Bay cares a whole deal about preserving the guests’ rights to peace and quiet. After all, that is the purpose of anyone going on a vacation, isn’t it? Staying there made me feel so aligned with my own tranquility, helping me escape from the chaos and noises back home. Even taking a walk doesn’t sound as tiring as it seems. Plantation Bay is a resort where you can experience almost everything without making too much effort, and yet be able to preserve your own time to yourself. If you ever decide to take a trip to Philippines, you can’t go wrong by choosing Plantation Bay Resort & Spa.

Plantation Bay Resort Cebu Reviews

There's nothing bad I could say about this place. I highly recommend it but stay there for a few days so you can enjoy all the activities and amenities. This resort won't disappoint.” – Janice C. from Cebu City, Philippines

Whenever I get the chance to come there, I would always do (even though it is far far away from the city). Been here 3x (every year since 2014).” – Marianit M

If you are after a relaxing, sunbathing, romantic time though this is definitely the place for you! Lovely place overall.” – Vicky P from Manchester, United Kingdom

Contact Information:
For more information, visit their website: www.plantationbay.com
Phone #: +63-32-236 9040
Email: [email protected].

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