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Kabayan Beach Resort Batangas Review
Affordable Batangas Beach Resort

An unplanned road trip is always a great way to unwind and shake off the stresses of Manila.

A friend of mine recently bought a new car and wanted to take it for a road test. Deciding on just a day trip to Batangas the following Saturday, and with no idea where in Batangas we would be going, I excitedly packed up a few things for swimming that Friday night.

So three of my friends, plus my girls, left at around 9:00AM for the long drive to Batangas. Expecting slow-moving traffic along the way, we also loaded on some burgers, chips, and drinks to keep the trip bearable, but the journey was faster than we really anticipated. Maybe also due to the gloomy weather that day, traffic along the highway was light and breezy. In no time, we were having brunch at a quaint store in Lipa City as we tried to keep costs at the minimum.

We kindly requested for some affordable resort recommendations from the store owners, and Kabayan Beach Resort seemed the most attractive, given our budget of P400/head. They also provided simple directions on how to get there, since the resort is a local favorite spot for family day tours. After an hour of driving, passing by Padre Garcia Public Market, Rosario Junction, and San Juan Town Proper, and another 20 minutes traversing Laiya Road led us to Kabayan Beach Resort.

Now if first impressions really stick, then this resort’s aesthetic reeks of the native sense of beauty and hospitality. Welcomed by accommodating staff, we were charged P100/adult with the additional P1,500 for a nipa hut and included access to the beach, the fastfood area and the Pavilion. With the strong drizzle and overcast skies overhead, we opted to hang around the pool area for an additional P100/head.  It might be a little bit over our estimated budget but watching over the kids under a roof was a greater convenience than the rainy alternative.

Now being into the consulting business that I am, I decided to scope out the place for areas where outdoor teambuilding activities can be done. Their office staff assisted me with the ocular and there were many options there with their special packages for group functions. Thus, they will definitely be on my list for recommendations for these types of programs.

Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas

Probing into their history, they said that they started as a private rest house of the owners, when friends requested to rent it out. Seeing the potential, they started with the name Laplaya Beach Resort, and is now called Kabayan to create a friendlier and localized atmosphere. Today, equipped with modern-day accommodations like air-conditioning and cable TV, their hotel-like rooms and cottages can house more than a hundred pax at full occupancy, and are inspired by the native furniture and design components.  

The whole experience of Kabayan was pleasant and would become highly recommended for both day trips and overnight stays. Friendly staff, clean and safe premises plus a wide array of things to do there, I am definitely going back. It became a very homey spin to an on-a-budget road trip.  

Kabayan Beach Resort Rates


Nipa Hut Rates

Beach Resort in Batangas

Contact Information:

For more details,promo packages and advanced bookings, please check out their website, http://kabayanresort.com.ph or give them a call at their Manila office.
Phone Number:+63 (2)709-1470
+63 (2)709-0115
Mobile Number:
+63 (917) 6279357
+63 (917) 8963312

Bgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Villamar Beach Resort

It everyone’s desire to find a resort that will cater for all your needs. If you want to spend some good time in a resort it is thus necessary to get a clear review of what to expect. Get a resort that has enough facilities, clean, high quality and at the same time affordable.
Villa Mar is one of such resorts that will give you such experience. Villa Mar resort is situated in Noveleta, Cavite City. Cavite city is located in Philippines.

More about Villamar Resort

C:\Users\samson gitonga\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\villamar-beach-resort.jpgThe resort is created on a large and sufficient area providing enough and humble experience for the visitors. It has been in place for quiet sometime. They offer different services depending on your needs. It is an ideal resort that caters for not only individual needs.
At Villa Mar, you can decide to spend time with your family since there are enough rooms specifically designed for family. You can as well host a high school or any other reunion party in the resort. The place is made to accommodate different types of events appropriately.
Every resort or hotel, it’s not complete without the best service providers. I am referring to the staff at Villa Mar resort. I have experienced a direct and very friendly interaction with the staff. They are very understanding and helpful to the customers.Moreso, highly trained and professionals with high level of etiquette.

Special Features of Villamar Resort

Here are some of the most amazing features you will find in Villa Mar resort. Features that are far much better than those from any other resort. They include:
  • Different type of rooms. The resort is made of different rooms that provides comfort for different groups. That is from couples to groups.
  • It is designed to host large number of people. It is convenient for events such as family reunion, birthday parties and weddings. It contains rooms and areas where you can host any event or gathering. All you have to do is book in advance.
  • Great and high quality foods. No matter what type of foods you are looking for. Villa Mar will cater for that. There are a variety of foods prepared in the resort upon placing an order.
  • There is also high level of security provided by security personnel on 24hr basis.
  • Private rooms.
  • 2 restaurants.
  • Most of the rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.
  • Shower stalls.
  • Strategically place with access to public transport.

Villamar Resort Rates 

The resort has very affordable prices that fit your needs. The prices will vary with the type of services you want. Also varies with the number of people and type of room.

  • Regular rooms P500 for 2 persons.
  • Air-conditioned P1, 500 for 2 persons.
  • In regular rooms, additional persons-P100 per head.
  • In air-conditioned, additional persons-P200 per head.
  • You can also book and pay online.
  • Affordable prices for groups.

Contact Details

You can access the resort’s staff for inquiries, bookings, emergency or any other issue through these channels.
Address: Noveleta, Cavite
Phone Numbers: 09298905763 09294984444

Miami Beach Resort

The Savoy Hotel, Miami

SavoyHave you ever been to a hotel and felt like you had just stepped into a world of beauty and class beyond wonder? If no, then it is time that you had a chance to experience the feeling. There is no hotel that will satisfy this feeling more than the Savoy Hotel in Miami.
It has experiences that leave you yearning for a longer stay, an Eden of our time.
The resort is located at 425 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

More About Savoy Hotel


It has a wide variety of offers such as fantastic pools, breathtaking views, savory meals and many more. Among its feature include a lounge with a great view of the ocean, two large swimming pools, a fitness room and access to a public beach.

It also provides the following accommodations:
  • One bedroom pool view suites with balconies
  • One bedroom pool view suites
  • Two bedroom suites and many more
There are also adjoining rooms which can be got through booking. However they are subject to availability. For children aged 18 years and below, their stay is free when they occupy their parent’s room using existing bedding.

What's Amazing about Savoy?

In addition the suits are also equipped with compact refrigerators, premium TV channels, and air conditioning; free Wi-Fi, safe, marble bathrooms, dry cleaning service, coffee/tea makers and free newspapers.

Meals can be enjoyed at The Savoy Restaurant which has fantastic garden and pool views. American cuisine is offered with breakfast and is served from 7am to midday. Lunch and dinner is also available. A children’s menu is also provided.

 Beach Resort MiamiThere are also other fun activities that you can engage in while residing at the hotel, which are:
  • Scuba diving
  • Golfing
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Parasailing
  • And sailing
There are also two large pools where one is deep and the other shallow. There is a poolside bar, two sundecks with ocean views and as well as pool sun loungers and umbrellas.

Resort Rates

This is one of the most amazing parts about the hotel. In some hotels, you will find very difficult and length procedures in terms of paying the charges. However, this is not the case for Savoy resort. They have well established and working monetary systems that re secure and convenient for everyone.

This hotel has a lot of incredible things to offer. It also has personnel at its reception desk 24/7. It is rated at 4.5 out of 5.  
Rates and Payments

  • Rooms range between $204-$568
  • Pets from $95
  • You can also make your payments through MasterCard, American Express or Visa.

Click here for detailed rates and to book your reservation.

Contacts Information:

For any special needs, bookings and inquiries please contact the hotel. They have personnel that are polite and ready to serve customers at all time.
Phone: 305.532.0200
Fax: 305.534.7436

You also can get in touch with them on social media by visiting their facebook and twitter accounts.

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