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Villa Alfredo’s Resort

A Paradise resort in Pampanga...

They say that Villa Alfredo’s Resort is the paradise at the heart of Pampanga, and they could not have been more right. Sited in San Fernando, Pampanga, which is smack dab in the city, Villa Alfredo’s Resort is hailed the most stylish garden resort. I would have never thought to take a vacation in Pampanga until I saw an ad online for it and I decided, why not? And that why not became a wonderful opportunity to experience a comfortable stay amidst the lush tropical gardens, teeming with exotic flora and fauna.

With sunlight that never seems to run out, comfortable room, polite hospitality, and unique ambience, what’s not to like? It is the most ideal hideaway for travelers who wish to get away from the technology outburst of the cities and get in touch with the vibes of nature.

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As a university student, I will, of course, always be on the lookout for restful rooms with affordable price. That feat isn’t easy to achieve, but Villa Alfredo’s Resort was able to give me exactly that. I rented a Gabby Hotel room for two nights and I didn’t even have to pay more than P5000! Imagine my surprise when I walked in with my suitcase behind me to be confronted with a clean and well-maintained room, equipped with an air-conditioner, mini refrigerator, bathroom, cable TV, kitchen counter, and two queen sized beds. At that moment, I knew I had chosen the right resort for my vacation.

Villa Alfredo’s Resort is an enormous resort for good reasons, what with the six differently themed swimming pools, Jacuzzis, aviary, and marine aquarium to provide guests with the best in-resort leisure activities without having to step out the front door. If you brought children, you can be reassured that they will be having a lot of fun exploring the variety of pools and getting to see all these wild animals safely. Even I, a 19 year old student swamped with university coursework, felt like a 5-year-old when I was there.

Villa Alfredo Resort Pampanga 

If your children ever get tired of watching birds and aquatic animals or frolicking around in the different pools – which would probably be impossible – there is a playground and a park for them to have some above-land run-of-the-mill fun. Of course, I did not go to the playground. I did, however, took a stroll in the park and managed to take some very picturesque photos that I will definitely have framed.

Villa Alfredo’s Resort takes first impressions into count and they have made me feel very welcome from the moment I stood in front of their entrance. My stay in Villa Alfredos’ Resort has definitely been enjoyable and made my vacation in Philippines all the more memorable. Harmonized with breathtaking views and sounds of nature, I collected sweet memories and left with a lasting impression. Villa Alfredo’s Resort is definitely worth it.

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To know more about Villa Alfredo’s Resort, go to their website,, drop them an email at
[email protected], or call them at 045 455-3984, 045 455-1397, 045 455-0789.

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