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Villamar Beach Resort

It everyone’s desire to find a resort that will cater for all your needs. If you want to spend some good time in a resort it is thus necessary to get a clear review of what to expect. Get a resort that has enough facilities, clean, high quality and at the same time affordable.
Villa Mar is one of such resorts that will give you such experience. Villa Mar resort is situated in Noveleta, Cavite City. Cavite city is located in Philippines.

More about Villamar Resort

C:\Users\samson gitonga\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\villamar-beach-resort.jpgThe resort is created on a large and sufficient area providing enough and humble experience for the visitors. It has been in place for quiet sometime. They offer different services depending on your needs. It is an ideal resort that caters for not only individual needs.
At Villa Mar, you can decide to spend time with your family since there are enough rooms specifically designed for family. You can as well host a high school or any other reunion party in the resort. The place is made to accommodate different types of events appropriately.
Every resort or hotel, it’s not complete without the best service providers. I am referring to the staff at Villa Mar resort. I have experienced a direct and very friendly interaction with the staff. They are very understanding and helpful to the customers.Moreso, highly trained and professionals with high level of etiquette.

Special Features of Villamar Resort

Here are some of the most amazing features you will find in Villa Mar resort. Features that are far much better than those from any other resort. They include:
  • Different type of rooms. The resort is made of different rooms that provides comfort for different groups. That is from couples to groups.
  • It is designed to host large number of people. It is convenient for events such as family reunion, birthday parties and weddings. It contains rooms and areas where you can host any event or gathering. All you have to do is book in advance.
  • Great and high quality foods. No matter what type of foods you are looking for. Villa Mar will cater for that. There are a variety of foods prepared in the resort upon placing an order.
  • There is also high level of security provided by security personnel on 24hr basis.
  • Private rooms.
  • 2 restaurants.
  • Most of the rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.
  • Shower stalls.
  • Strategically place with access to public transport.

Villamar Resort Rates 

The resort has very affordable prices that fit your needs. The prices will vary with the type of services you want. Also varies with the number of people and type of room.

  • Regular rooms P500 for 2 persons.
  • Air-conditioned P1, 500 for 2 persons.
  • In regular rooms, additional persons-P100 per head.
  • In air-conditioned, additional persons-P200 per head.
  • You can also book and pay online.
  • Affordable prices for groups.

Contact Details

You can access the resort’s staff for inquiries, bookings, emergency or any other issue through these channels.
Address: Noveleta, Cavite
Phone Numbers: 09298905763 09294984444

Cebu Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

A fantastic resort with almost everything at your convenience in one place, Cebu City’s Plantation Bay Resort proves to be one of, if not the, best holiday lodges in Philippines. With breathtaking landscapes and striking lagoons, entertaining activities, hospitality service of the premium quality, and delicious food, you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy the most unique experience for rejuvenating and traveling.


Plantation Bay Resort & Spa offers 255 of the finest rooms you can get within Philippine’s price range, ranging from $160++ for a Poolside room, to $1000++ for a Quantum villa. This resort is almost like a gigantic swimming pool with rooms dispersed all over the place. These guestrooms, once entered, will make you feel right at home with their classic and timeless design of colonial-plantation architecture, furnished with custom-designed plantation-themed furniture pieces with 5-star amenities. I feel as if I could just stay there forever and be having the time of my life. Staying in the resort’s guestrooms with their panoramic views of the stunning beaches and lagoons, you will feel like hacadenro – plantation owner.I sure did. It doesn’t hurt that their hospitality are of the highest quality, making me feel as if I am a part of the royal family and they are just there, ready to cater to my needs with friendliness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Plantation Bay Resort Rates

  • Water’s Edge Room - $220++
  • Lagoon Side Room - $200++
  • Lagoon View Room - $190++
  • Poolside Room - $160++
  • Spa Indulgence Room & Package - $190++
  • Family Room - $200++
  • One Bedroom Suite - $260++
  • Two Bedroom Suite - $380++
  • Quantum Villa - $1000++
  • Riverboat Suite - $450++



There are so many activities you can participate in at Plantation Bay that you will be wishing that you can stay long enough to experience all of them. There’s the PADI qualified 5-star dive center, where you can explore colorful reefs, drift dive along with steep walls, discover exciting caves and wrecks, and visit virgin nautical sanctuaries teeming with aquatic life forms. Plantation Bay offers affordable packages for you to experience the best of diving experiences without missing anything. If you feel like telling everyone you know that you swam with sharks, by all means, sign up for the whale shark adventure and swim with the non-lethal and gentle creatures. I’m pretty sure that my status just upped a few steps when I told my story to my social circle. Besides that, you can also enjoy some fun in the sun by getting on the aqua rides, go to the pools and slides, or even go wall-climbing and practice archery. At times when you don’t feel like going outdoors, you are most welcome in the game room for some billiards, air-hockey, foosball, and computer games. This alone could make you feel like you’re having the thrill of your life and there can’t be anything better than that.

You can even go for the Daytripper Adventure Package, which is P2,000 per person on weekdays and P2,500  per person on weekends and holidays. If you come in groups of 20 or more, you can make a reservation at P1,800  per person. For children between 0 and 12, because they’re half of what we are, the price will also come with a 50% discount.

mogamboslide.jpgIt is justifiable to for Plantation Bay to triumph in the foods they offer. There’s just something about all five of their restaurants’ kitchens that just manage to consistently keep up with the exquisite taste and superb presentation of their dishes at reasonable prices. They have menus and venues for almost every genre of food that you desire, from haute cuisine to theme-party buffets, from fried bananas to foie gras. It almost makes you want to give up on your diet plan and just dive into everything they have to offer, and go home proudly with a satisfied belly.

To top it all off, it is unlikely that you will be able to experience and see a view with such extraordinariness that is comparable to what you will see at Plantation Bay. Decorated with classic structural item pieces, stepping into the lobby almost feels like you’re undergoing a sacred process. Every nook and cranny, every bends and curves, they are all an adventure, a new mystery to discover, a new sight to capture with a physical camera and your mental photographer. You will never feel more aligned with nature than when you’re taking a stroll under the shades of the greens and the chirps of wildlife humming in your ears. Take a trip to the top of the hill at night and you might even have the urge to propose to yourself because it is just that romantic.


Unlike other Philippines resorts and hotels, Plantation Bay cares a whole deal about preserving the guests’ rights to peace and quiet. After all, that is the purpose of anyone going on a vacation, isn’t it? Staying there made me feel so aligned with my own tranquility, helping me escape from the chaos and noises back home. Even taking a walk doesn’t sound as tiring as it seems. Plantation Bay is a resort where you can experience almost everything without making too much effort, and yet be able to preserve your own time to yourself. If you ever decide to take a trip to Philippines, you can’t go wrong by choosing Plantation Bay Resort & Spa.

Plantation Bay Resort Cebu Reviews

There's nothing bad I could say about this place. I highly recommend it but stay there for a few days so you can enjoy all the activities and amenities. This resort won't disappoint.” – Janice C. from Cebu City, Philippines

Whenever I get the chance to come there, I would always do (even though it is far far away from the city). Been here 3x (every year since 2014).” – Marianit M

If you are after a relaxing, sunbathing, romantic time though this is definitely the place for you! Lovely place overall.” – Vicky P from Manchester, United Kingdom

Contact Information:
For more information, visit their website: www.plantationbay.com
Phone #: +63-32-236 9040
Email: [email protected].

El Masfino Resort in Bulacan 
The Road to El Masfino

As part of a training team, I was particularly excited taking on the function of being program lead in our company’s team building outing. Management set specific directions on when, where and how this will be done—in two weeks’ time, somewhere in Bulacan, activities must be held outdoor, rain or shine, and getting there should be part of the program.  After doing my online research on potential facilities in Bulacan, management approved the group rates offered by El Masfino Country Club, Inc. in San Rafael, Bulacan, succeeding an ocular done by our HR with a few of our bosses. Involving 150 participants, it required the ad hoc team to organize the transport, meals and program arrangements.

Luckily, I was with half of the committee assigned to the advanced party, while the other half stayed with the participants to give out more clues during the journey to the venue. We were also tasked to coordinate with managers of restaurants located at rest stops along NLEX. We took the Sta. Rita Exit to enter Maharlika Highway, then after a 10-minute drive further, a right turn at Pinacpinacan Road, then a left turn at F. Viola Highway. In no more than 10 minutes, we were at the entrance of the property.

Arriving close to 4:00 PM the day before the event, we were welcomed with smiling staff assisting us with our luggage and training materials. We checked into our spotless rooms then proceeded to the grounds to scout for areas for the program activities. The swimming pool area was pristine, the grassy areas were well kept and the landscaping of the grounds were meticulously planned. We were so pleased to see that an obstacle courses sprawled over the property, like the stations we needed, and even tried them out for safety purposes.

After a dinner out, we talked to some of their staff at the reception area, and they said that the facility actually required membership to access the country club, but since exclusivity is frowned upon by many residents in the area, they allow walk-in guests when they are not fully booked, or when there are no social events scheduled for the day. Entrance fee for non-members is P300/head for adults while P150/child below 4 feet and these fees become cheaper during the off-peak months of June to October. These seem a bit pricey for the usual day tour but the beauty, wholesomeness, and ambiance of the club is definitely worth the expense. An added discount is also provided for guests of members.

As the team turned in for an early tomorrow, we appreciated the immaculate beddings of our rooms, as if it was like we were laying on clouds. Their bathrooms, too, were very modern, and most importantly, very clean.

The following morning greeted us with a great view of the property—the rolling greens and trees swaying in the wind. A beautiful sight to kick-start our preparations for the activity stations. The staff happily helped us out by carrying around our training equipment to the assigned areas. When done, we had a very filling breakfast, inclusive with the room rates, and then proceeded to our assigned stations when the teams finally arrived.

Judging from the laughter and smiles from our colleagues, everybody seemed to enjoy and praised the committee for selecting a luxurious place for the company’s team building, most especially their buffet lunch. It now poses a challenge for the next company outing committee to top that.

Affordable Resort in Bulacan

El Masfino Resort RAtes

Contact information:

El Masfino Country Club

San Rafael, Bulacan
Email at [email protected]
Manila Phone #: (02) 5429150
Bulacan office (044) 8020692
Mobile #: 0917-5421866

Dona Jovita Garden Resort Rates

Km. 57, National Highway, Brgy. New Roads, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines, 4027

Need to get away from the city's busy traffic, noise and pollution? Come and visit and check in to Laguna Dona Jovita Garden Resort for a weekend. The resort got its name from the grandmother of Ted Javier who now runs the hotel together with his wife, Rose. The land where this paradise rests was owned by Doña Jovita and her husband, Michael. It boasts a spectacular panoramic view of both Mt. Makiling and Laguna de Bay from the top of their grotto and life size stations of the cross. It's not just the beautiful scenery that you get though, the atmosphere is cool and breezy which is a perfect getaway from the soaring heat and heavily polluted air. So take a stroll with me and let me show you what this resort has to offer.

Affordable Public Hotspring Resort in Pansol
Photo Taken from jovitaresort

As the name suggests, the resort is decorated by beautiful plants, flowers and fruit baring trees that make for a picturesque ambience. You would also be able to see various species of birds fly out from their natural habitat and Mt. Makiling. The resort also has a pair of peacocks and several magnificent horses which you can rent out if you want to go horseback riding.

Affordable Resort Rates in Pansol
Photo Taken from jovitaresort

That's not all! There are other recreational activities that you can also enjoy with your family, friends and even your co workers. You can host sports games like basketball, volleyball, table tennis and darts. You can even take your significant other with you for a romantic weekend escapade and go on a buggy ride. Is not that sweet? They even have a zip line for all of you adventure seekers.

Dona Jovita is located just by the highway which gives its guests easy access to all the other tourist spots of Calamba, Laguna. You can visit the Jose Rizal Shrine which is the reconstructed home of Jose Rizal.

If you are fascinated by plants, then you can visit the Makiling Botanical Garden. This is just located in the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. If you're a groupie food then I recommend you try Laguna's original pie and Mer-Nel's chocolate cake. Locals preach about them so they are definitely a must try. You can also take a joyride and head on to see the Museum RiceWorld IRRI, Los Baños Magnetic Hill and of course, the Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve.

No visit to Doña Jovita is ever complete without taking a dip in their hot springs pools. The water comes from Mt. Makiling and is naturally heated. It's perfect for your much needed R & R. You can choose from several pools or you can book an exclusive package pool for big groups like family reunions or team buildings. You can go on a day trip and rented one of their cool tree houses. Just be extra careful if you have toddlers with you. You can even choose from a nature inspired ambience, Garden Getaway, or go with a sexy Mediterranean Escape. It's perfect for a honeymoon simple if you ask me.

Affordable Public Resort in Pansol
Photo Taken from jovitaresort

So come and take an escape from the city. Transport yourself to a beautiful paradise. Visit Dona Jovita Garden Resort.

For more info please click the link below:  Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Monte Vista Hotspring Resort Rates

Monte Vista is one of the biggest and oldest resorts located at the foot of the legendary Mt. Makiling in Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna.

They offer the chance for you to get away from the stress of city life. Whether you want to relax with family and friends or have a dynamic group seminar, they have all the facilities to cater for your needs. They have 16 mineral hotspring pools and 8 giant slides, fully air-conditioned private rooms, a variety of recreational activities and a spacious two - story Conference Center all in one resort.
If you are located in Manila area or any places outside Calamba City and would like to check their availability for rooms etc... You may call their phone # listed below.

Monte Vista
Affordable Resort Rates in Pansol

 Policies: Room Accommodation

  • They require full payment to guarantee reservations.
  • Rates are subject to 12% government tax and 10% service charge 
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice 
  • Rates are in Php 


How to get to Monte Vista Pansol from Manila:
Use our Map Sketch at the bottom of this page CLICK HERE

Contact Information:

Makati Metro Manila Office 
Room 1634 146 ALFARO PLACE LP Levista St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Telephone #s:(632) 892-8018 (632) 892-8036 (632) 892-8039

Beat the heat and enjoy the Nature!

Come to this Natural Hot Spring Resort in Pansol with your loved ones and have fun!

The province of Laguna has always been close to my heart with many memories of my family’s summer outings from my childhood, and even with work friends in my adulthood, actually. My most recent trip to this hospitable region refreshed my appreciation of the province’s natural beauty.

Laguna is a province located at the Southeast of Metro Manila. It is blessed with abundant natural resources and has about 40 rivers with a total area of 50 hectares; flora and fauna abound in Mount Makiling and Laguna de Bay. It is widely known as the resort capital of Luzon due to its hot spring pools, with Mount Makiling as the source. The legendary Mount Makiling is also a tourist attraction in the province, preserved and protected by the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It is one of the most famous hike trails for educational tours and for first-timer trekkers. The best time to visit Laguna is during the summer months from March to early June because of the hundreds of natural hot spring pools in the area. It is also ideal to visit from November to February when the temperatures are relatively cool and have fewer local tourists.

Spring Forest Resort Pansol Laguna is one of the best affordable public Hotspring Resort in Pansol Calamba Laguna. It has 3 Adult pools and a kiddie pool, the pools are elevated wherein the one at the very top is the "hotspring" (picture below)! They also have many picnic huts or gazebo available which you and your friends can drink, eat and sing in their videoke machines (5 pesos per song). The Resort is open 24 hours 7 days/week and has NO check-in/out time. If you're traveling with your love one and would want to have some time alone together, you can also book a couple room with them, no need for reservation. The place is so quiet, the air is fresh perfect for a quick getaway from the busy and noisy streets of Manila.

You can check the list of amenities and rates below for more details.

Spring Forest Affordable Resort in Pansol Calamba
Hotspring Pool in Pansol

Activities and amenities
  • Pools 
  • Kiddie Pools 
  • Hot spring 
  • Garden 
  • Billiards 
  • Basketball Court (100/Hour) 
  • Karaoke 
  • Air-conditioned Rooms 
  • Common Wash Rooms/Toilet 
  • Videoke/Karaoke 
  • Kitchen 
  • Grill 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Stove
Spring Forest Resort Rates
Affordable Resort in Laguna


How to get to Spring Forest Pansol from Manila

Use our Map Sketch at the bottom of this page → HERE
The Easiest way to get there is, if you're coming from Alabang; drop off at SM Calamba or Crossing then ride a tricycle, tell the driver to bring you to "Spring Forest".

Contact Details
Spring Forest Resort Laguna
Address: 96 Arvin St., Purok 7, Calamba City
Local Phone #: (049) 545-5514

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Experience the allure of Philippine country life at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort.
Think of spending a weekend with your family far from home but feeling like you are in a whole new world. Or spending some quality time with your spouse in a cool and fulfilling atmosphere. Where almost everything you want is available for you and special. What about going out with your old friends for a night or two in a beautiful place where you can enjoy yourself? Or last but not the least holding your party in a special place.

If you are thinking of all this, then what you is a wonderful resort. A resort that will not only serve you better, but also make you feel like you are in a whole new world. Am talking about a resort with affordable prices as well. Villa Escudero is this kind of a resort.

About Villa Escudero

It is a resort covering up to 2,000 acres of land, located in Tiaong Quezon Province Philippines. It also made in the design of a large plantation that consists of different attractive features mostly relating to the Philippine culture. It is in a setting of natural environment that provide beautiful features.

The resort has been in the area for couple of years providing high quality services to its visitors. It has also been a home for tourists with special interest in Philippine’s way of life and culture.

Villa Escudero also contains a museum that has served as an attraction site for most of its visitors. The museum is a collection of:
  • Chinese porcelain 
  • Second World War relics 
  • Ethnic clothes 
  • Antique furniture 
  • Philippine presidents’ clothes 
  • Butterfly collections

Villa Escudero Rates

Day Tour Packages
Mondays to Thursday Adults : P1,250
Half rate : P625 (Children below 4 feet)

Fridays to Sundays & Holidays Adults : P1,400
Half rate : P700 (Children below 4 feet)

Welcome drink, carabao cart rides, use of out door recreational facilities and lunch at the waterfalls.By special arrangements with the AERA Memorial Foundation, the museum is open to resort guests.

Cultural Show at 2:00 - 3:15pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays.
  • Lodging 
  • Rooms 
  • Total number : 30 
  • Capacity : 4-12/unit

  • Private Restrooms 
  • Electric Fans/Aircon 
  • Hot/Cold Shower 
  • Fresh Linen 
  • Insect propellants
Villa Escudero Package Rates

**Rates are in Philippine peso and updated as of January 5, 2017**
**Rates are per person per unit and inclusive of meals**

  • Nipa Hut Day Rental: P750/day (9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.) 
  • Conference Hall Rental: (P5,500 / room)

Available for rental
  • Facilities 
  • Sound System 
  • Overhead Projector 
  • Whiteboards 
  • Screens 
  • Business Center 
  • Cellular Phones 
  • Copying Machines 
  • Fax Machine

Recreational Activities
  • Bird Watching 
  • Basketball 
  • Fishing 
  • Volleyball 
  • Swimming 
  • Bamboo rafting 
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Filipino Games 
  • Obstacle Course 
  • Palo Sebo 
  • Hiking 
  • Hit the Pot 
  • Tennis 
  • Pabitins
Other Facilities 
  • Wedding Center 
  • Chapel 
  • Jeepney Service 
  • Carabao Carts 
  • Bar 
  • Clinic 
  • Restaurants 
  • Auditorium 
  • Videoke 

Mode of Payments
Cash/Currency: Philippine Peso & US Dollar
Travelers Checks: PNB Mabuhay Card, American Express Credit Card, Visa/Master Credit Card

How to get there?

Land routes: 
Take the South Super Highway and exit at 50 (Lucena, Legaspi, Batangas exit). Turn to left at the Sto. Tomas junction. Head straight down, by passing the town of Alaminos and San Pablo City Proper. Slow down upon seeing Quezon arch and turn left immediately after. Use caution when running left.

Bus lines:
(Lucena routes) Lucena Lines JAC, Grand Star, Jam

  • Reservations must be made at our Manila Booking Office at least 48 hours before date of visit. 
  • Resort hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 
  • Museum hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 
  • Children below 7 years old are not allowed inside the museum. 
  • Food and drinks cannot be brought into the resort without prior arrangements. Corkage is applied to all alcoholic drinks, tetra packs and softdrinks. 
  • Only proper swimming attire in our swimming pools please! 
  • Please leave you pets at home. 
  • Tariff rates inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). 
  • Prices and cultural show schedules may be change without prior notice. 
  • For overnight guests, check-in are 11:00 am or 5:00pm. 

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort
Km 91, Tiaong, Quezon

Manila Office1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

Telephone Nos.
(632) 521-0830
(632) 523-0392
(632) 523-2944

Fax Number:

(632) 521-869

E-mail: [email protected]

Provincial Mailing Address

P.O. Box 4 San Pablo City 400, Philippines

Reserve Villa Escudero

Soaking in the Beauty of 88 Hotspring Resort

Soaking in a hot spring need not be solely reserved for its healing powers used for thousands of years and are widely accepted in Europe and Asia as a natural treatment for various common ailments, but it may simply be a relaxing vacation or a weekend getaway.

Affordable Pansol Hotspring Resort Rates
Resort Rates is listed below
If you want some peace and quiet without the hassle of driving too far from the comforts of the metro, this resort would be right for you. Conveniently located in Calamba, Laguna, 88 Hotspring Resort is a great base from which to explore this vibrant city. 88 Hotspirng Resort is just a one hour only from Manila, making it a favored destination for pleasure seekers around Luzon. It is also within easy reach from neighboring Asian countries near the Philippines, including Korea and China.

Only 11.1 km from the city center, the hotel's strategic location ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach many local points of interest, like the Rizal Shrine which is located at Calamba City Proper. Beside the St. John the Baptist Church, it is where José Rizal, the Philippines' national hero, lived before he was executed in Rizal Park. Another of the city's must-see destinations is Calamba Rizal Park/The Plaza which is a public park in Barangay Real that commemorates Jose Rizal. Erected at Calamba City Hall Complex, the monument is 22 feet tall, with the number symbolizing the 22 languages and dialects spoken by Rizal.

Affordable Hotspring Resort in Pansol Calamba

With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to its guests as local bus transits pass by the resort every 15 minutes. Being a favorite place of foreigners to chill and enjoy the natural beauty of the resort, 88 Hot Spring Resort also offers shuttle services to the airport terminals in Manila.
At 88 Hotspring Resort, every effort is made to make guests feel comfortable. To do so, the hotel provides the best in services and amenities. This hotel offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy even the most discerning guest. The place has a number of warm pools that you can choose from, a nice landscaped garden, plus a relaxing mountain view of Mt. Makiling in the morning. 88 Hot Spring Resort boasts of having four big warm and cold spring swimming pools, four mid-swimming pools, three jacuzzis, and two water slides for those who are more adventurous.

Besides, the hotel's host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. With an ideal location and facilities to match, 88 Hotspring Resort hits the spot in many ways. Expanding their services to ensure guests are entertained and fully satisfied, they also arrange for live band performances, tend to two mini-bars, rent out two swan boats in their lake, provide fusion cuisine in their in-house restaurant, and provide relaxing services in their massage spa.

All guest accommodations feature thoughtful amenities to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort. Their facility includes ten Standard Rooms, five units Bamboo Deluxe, eight Bamboo Suites, seven Pension Houses, three Executive Rooms, and one Nipa Hut for that more al fresco feel to your visit. They also have a clubhouse which can be utilized as a conference room for training workshops.

Hotspring Resort in Pansol

The Department of Tourism honored 88 Hotspring Resort as one of "The best Resort of Laguna" and recommended it because it is situated in a place, free of noise, atmospheric and marine pollution. For One hundred (100) years now, the water that comes from the said spring is odorless, clear bicarbonate, tested and proven to be rich in organic minerals which is believed to cure several skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. It is also known as the "MIRACLE WATER"

88 Hotspring Resort RatesPrices are VAT inclusive and NO SERVICE CHARGE

88 Hotspring Resort Rates Laguna
click or tap to enlarge

Facilities and Amenities
  • Hotel Room Accommodation 
  • Clubhouse(Conference and Meeting Room) 
  • Fine Dining Restaurant 
  • Beverage/Liquor and Fruit Bars 
  • Boat Rides 
  • Outdoor Firing Range 
  • Spa and Body Massage 
  • Mini Concert Stage with Live music 
  • Open Cottages (Regular and Swing type) 
  • Fishing 
  • Volleyball Court 
  • Farm 
  • WiFi Zone 
  • Locker and Shower Room 
  • Water-slide 
  • Kid's Pool 
  • Pavilion/Event Hall

  • Check-in time: 1:30pm 
  • Check-out time: 11:30am of the following day. 
  • Bringing in of food is not allowed. 
  • Appropriate swimming attire is required. 
  • Take a shower before using the pool/s. 
  • Please entrust all your valuables to our front desk for safe keeping. 
  • Prices may changed without prior notice. 

Contact Details 

Manila Line: (02) 584-4788
Local number:(049) 536-1088
Email address:[email protected]
Mobile Number:
0927 529-8888 - Korean
0915-529-8878 - English
0920-417-4888 - Tagalog
0920-857-4888 - Chinese

Lavista Pansol Resort Rates

La Vista Pansol Resort, Is just minutes away from the Makati Commercial Center is your most complete get-away from the day's hustle, La Vista Pansol, Nestled between the Laguna Lake and Mount Makiling La Vista Pansol has that relaxing back to nature ambiance.

Take a soothing dip or have fun with your friends at La Vista Pansol's over 7,000 square meters of crystal clear water, natural warm spring swimming pools and enjoy the amenities you would expect to find in a five star resort, like island bar, table tennis and basketball courts, picnic huts and zipline. La Vista Pansol Resort also have 7 conference rooms with complete audiovisual facilities for company seminars and conferences and wedding parties. Have the time of your life at the resor'ts prime feature. the "Wet & Wild" water slide, five levels of world class water slides giving you thrills with splash and the "Enchanted Volcano" where you can experience swimming in a covered swimming pool, the only one of it's kind in the area. Take a refreshing snack in the Treehouse of Pantalan by the pond.

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Affordable resort in Pansol

Experience adrenaline rush!!

X-treme Sports Philippines @ La Vista Pansol Resort

La Vista Pansol Resort Rates

For detailed rates and reservations click here

A one-stop for all junkies with a wide variety of existing activities such as Zip Line Adventure which is 50-foot high and 120-meter long. Mud-karts, ATV’s, Paintball and Zorb to keep visitors of all ages entertained all day long.

Be the first among your friends to try an adventurous thrill at the resort’s prime feature, the “Wet & and Wild” water slide. The five level water slides will give anyone a breathtaking experience. The “Enchanted Volcano” lets you swim inside covered pool, which is unique at La Vista. While having fun, take a refreshing snack in the Treehouse of Pantalan style, eating right beside a pond. The resort’s island bar is also a perfect for spending cool evenings, whether with a group of friends or just to have an in-depth conversation with your intimate partner. 

Tell us below what exciting things happened to you in this resort! - We're very excited to know! ;) 

All Inclusive Resorts
Villa Jeannie
           Villa Jeannie 2 Resort - Affordable private resort in Pansol , Calamba 
This resort have enough comfy beds in each rooms for every tired backs due to all night or day party. you will surely love your stay in this resort! perfect for any occasions.


  • Table & Chairs
  • Billiard Table
  • Couches
  • Karaoke 
  • Water Dispenser 
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Area
  • Stove (200 extra)  


Five Rooms are all air-condition with LED TV's
  • Room 1: 1 Double deck bed & 1 Queen Size
  • Room 2: 1 King Size Bed
  • Room 3: 3 Double deck & 1 Queen Size beds
  • Room 4: 2 Double deck & 2 Queen Size beds
  • Room 5:  Attic w/ 5 Queen size beds
  • 1 Big pool 3-6 ft
  • 1 Kiddie pool 2-3 ft


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