Southwinds Resort Pansol

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Southwinds Resort Pansol Rates

One of the newest Public Resort in Pansol - yet affordable. They have four adult pools and one kiddie pool, their rooms are well furnished and also equipped with Jacuzzi (at an extra cost). you won't feel you are actually in a public resort.

Room & Swimming Policies

Resort Rates: Valid up to December 15, 2017
  • Resort availability is on a "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE" basis.
    The first customer to arrive the resort shall be served first.
  • They do not allow reserve rooms unless it’s a big or large group
  • They only accept CASH payments
  • Rates are based on 12 hours, it will start upon your arrival & settlement of your bill

Affordable Resort in Pansol
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Swimming Policies
  • Rates is based on 12 hours, Swimming Entrance Fee & Table Cottage. 
  • The 12 hours will only start once you arrive & settle the bill
    Example: If you arrive at the resort at 7am until 7pm only. 
  • If you extend more than 12 hours, you will need to pay another entrance fee and another table cottage. 

Rooms Policies
  1. Rates is based on 12 hours depends on what time your arrive the resort
    Example: If you arrive at the resort at 7am – 7pm is your check out time.
  2. Extension hours on ROOM is MAXIMUM  of (4) hours only.
    Check the rates on our price lists.
  3. If you want to extend for more than (4) hours from your room extension
    You will need to pay another 12 hours both Rooms & Entrance fee
  4. For 24 HOURS COMPUTATION rate
    Computation: 12 hours x 2 = 24 hours rate.... the 24 hours stay means if you check in morning
    Example: 7am-7pm = 12hours ; 7pm-7am (the following day) = 12 hours
  5. Couple rooms: MAXIMUM of TWO (2) PERSONS are ALLOWED to enter the room and 2 persons shall be FREE of charge on Swimming Entrance. 
  6. For FAMILY or GROUP Room MAXIMUM of FIVE (5) are ALLOWED to use the room. And shall be charge for Additional SWIMMING ENTRANCE Fee. 
  7. Only ONE (1) EXTRA Person per Room, shall be ALLOWED to enter the room and shall be charge EXTRA PERSON rate with NO BED. Check the rates on our price lists. 
  8. If you wish to get Extra Mattress, this is subject for availability. Check the rates on our price lists. 
  9. Guest/Customers can BRING their own FOOD & DRINKS 
  10. Soft drinks, Mineral Water & Juice with NO Corkage.
  11. Note: GRILL AREA - They have common GRILL Area – FREE OF CHARGE just bring your own Charcoal. CORKAGE FEE shall be charge if you Bring BEERS, WINES, LIQUOR or any HARD DRINKS inside the resort. 
  12. They DO NOT ALLOW guests to bring many Liquor/ Alcoholic drink. This is to avoid any accident & for everyone's safety. We also have cut-off time (starts midnight) in selling beers & liquors inside the resort. Thank you for your understanding. 
  13. For Group Bookings 50 pax & above please contact Ms. BRENDA/JEN/PEARL/ANNE. 
  14. ANIMAL PETS are NOT ALLOWED inside the Resort. 
  15. If you have other queries you may call the resort directly
Southwinds Resort Room Rates  and Policies

Contact Number: 

• (049)-5028060 
• (049)5028854

National Highway, Pansol
Calamba, Philippines

How to get to Southwinds from Manila?

By Private Car: From Manila, take SLEX and exit to Calamba. Drive straight towards Calamba proper junction and turn right. SUN CITY RESORT is located along National Highway.

By Bus or Commute: From manila, take Tritran, Jam, DLTB or HM Bus Liners with destination going to Sta. Cruz Laguna. These buses will bring you right in front of SUN CITY RESORT. Bus Terminals are located at the Buendia-Taft Avenue and in Cubao for HM Liners.

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