Bethel Resort Pansol

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Affordable Private Pool in Pansol Calamba Laguna

Bethel Hot Spring Resort is a private resort in Pansol Calamba that is perfect for team building, family outing, school reunion etc.. the place is one of the nicest resort we've ever seen in Pansol, Situated at the foot of Mt. Makiling gives you a wonderful view of the mountain and Laguna De Bay. Party with different lights in the pool during evening as they turn on each LED lights installed in every corner. the water can be requested to be warm or cold enough just to refresh everyone this summer season. your reservations will include all the amenities and four rooms + basketball court (half-court).


• Table & Chairs
• Billiard Table
• Couches
• Karaoke (LED TV)
• Water Dispenser
• Refrigerator
• Basketball court
• Nipa hut Gazebo
• Kitchen Area
• Stove
• Wi-Fi


All rooms are air-condition with LED TV's

RM1: 4 Double deck beds
RM2: 1 King Size Bed & Couch
RM3: 2 Double Deck beds
RM4: 1 King size bedTo show this Resort to your friends and family click the Facebook Logo at the top.

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